Pipes under pavements exposed in all their nakedness

Most people will harbour a mild curiosity about what is under the pavements and roads we walk along, even if such curiosity only emerges blinking into the light of conciousness on the rare occasion that said pavement is dug up to reveal its subterranean infrastructure.

However, as a person with more than an average level degree of interest in such things, some roadworks going on this weekend quite close to where I live have been like catnip to my subterranean geek.

They aren’t particularly deep, but what is surprising, even to me, is the sheer quantity of hidden infrastructure under this particular stretch of pavement.

Naked pipes under a pavement

Naked pipes under a pavement

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4 comments on “Pipes under pavements exposed in all their nakedness
  1. vicky-jo says:

    Given the number of businesses and DCs in the area the amount of infrastructure isn’t that surprising.

  2. Lionheart says:

    Ah this must be the famous spaghetti junction.

  3. martin says:

    pictures like these make me nervous – I know from experience that cables tend to attract diggers, and that makes for a busy day at work for me! :)

  4. Jan Poklewski says:

    I was strangely mesmerised by that pipe work and cabling which I recognise from near the bus stop at the top of Westferry Road! Scary stuff.

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