Unlike the nasty icky nuclear fission reactors in Japan that are dominating the news at the moment – nuclear fusion is nice cuddly stuff – well, nice and cuddly for something that burns at several million or so degrees Celsius.

Anyhow, the UK is pretty much the world leader in developing fusion reactors, and their facility just outside Didcot has a couple of open evenings each year, and the two for this year have just been announced:

  • Wednesday 6 July
  • Wednesday 17 August
  • Wednesday 14 September

The events start at 7pm and last for approximately 2.5 hours. To reserve places, call 01235 466375 or email [email protected] with number of tickets and preferred date.

The tours start are free, and is a really fascinating view of a potential replacement energy supply for, well – almost everything,  gas, coal, oil – and it could get eventually rid of the ugly side of nuclear power – nuclear fission.

My previous visit can be read about here.

I would strongly advise booking asap, as places tend to “sell out” fairly quickly.

Updated 22nd March – Told you they sell out quickly, the July date has already filled up, although places still available for Sept, and they aim to have another open evening in October/November.

Updated 21st June – They have added an extra date this year, in August.

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