London’s changing weather

Some people complain about the British weather, but I quite like it.

I like how it changes all the time and is – not withstanding the efforts of the Met Office – largely unpredictable.

I like how the landscape can one day be harsh as a hot sun burns away the moisture and reflects brightly on hard surfaces.

I like how the landscape can be softened by mists and how the sounds of the city are damped down by the fog laden air.

I like how sometimes I can look out of my window and see half way across the city, and sometimes barely a hundred yards.

I like how the skyline changes during the day as dusk falls and rather than turning pitch black of a rural landscape, becomes lit up and turns into an entirely new vista to admire.

I like how the sunset changes time throughout the year and how sometimes it is dark at 5pm, but sometimes still light at 10pm.

I like change. Change is good.

Whats's on in London: today or tomorrow or this weekend

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2 comments on “London’s changing weather
  1. Richard says:

    100% agree :-)

  2. Sue says:

    I really like the way the sky changes – in London and the rest of the UK . After a few years in Sydney and many more in Munich, (I’m not knocking them) it was great to get back somewhere where the quality of light can vary from minute to minute, let alone hour to hour or day to day.

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