HMS Westminster in Canary Wharf

Somewhat irked about this as I only found out yesterday – because my tracking software broke – but the Royal Navy Frigate, HMS Westminster is visiting London for a week, but leaves on Monday morning.

Sadly, unlike when its sister ship, HMS St Albans visited London last year, the general public can only look at it from the dockside and not go on board – but if you are in the area, it is still quite an impressive sight.

Doubly irksome was that they carried out the Ceremony of the Constable Dues on Friday afternoon at the Tower of London which I have been wanting to photograph for several years (glares at the Tower’s PR department).

HMS Westminster - HDR version

HMS Westminster -

HMS Westminster & Helicopter

HMS Westminster - Face On

HMS Westminster reflections

Reflections in the windows


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5 comments on “HMS Westminster in Canary Wharf
  1. Thanks for posting these photos Ian, bringing back some happy childhood memories. My dad was a Naval Officer and remember vividly the excitement I used to feel on the occasions of visiting him in dock in various locations. I used to love the sense of importance of being allowed to go down the steep ladders into the mess rooms and how we would be spoiled by the stewards. We even spent Christmas Day onboard one year when Dad was on duty. I am now wracking my brains as your photos have stirred memories of a visit on board once in London, but I can’t decide whether I dreamt it or not!

  2. lamper says:

    You mention your tracking software, what do you use as I often see ships in canary Wharf and would be interesting to see what is due to arrive.

    • IanVisits says:

      I track changes in websites of interest to me for news updates – it is not specific to ship movements – and the Royal Navy news pages are some of the ones I monitor.

  3. Helen McGovern says:

    Thanks for the great photos my son is on the Wesminster, we had a fantastic day on board last summer happy days. Cant wait to speak to them as soon as restrictions are lifted.

  4. nobby says:

    shame about the Merlin, didn’t get a closer shot to see it’s ID, so know which Flt/Sqd. 5 something, but then they are all 5 something

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