New TV series about London’s Mudlarks

I caught the trailer on the History television channel the other day when half-listening to a show about something or other (probably Mega History Apocalypse Deadly Catch Forensics), and once my eyes and ears had stopped bleeding from the horror, looked up the details on their website.

A show about London’s Mudlarks – the people who are specially authorised to scour the Thames foreshore for hidden artefacts – could have been really interesting. The sort of TV show that has me sitting down on the sofa to watch properly as opposed to half-listening to while working on the computer.

Alas, it is not to be.

Fronted by a hyper-active child in adult guise, the programme which goes out at 9:30pm seems to be aimed at school children. Called Mud Men – in a oh, so hysterically funny reference to a more popular TV drama – the series starts on Monday 28th Feb if you can bear to watch it.

Fortunately, I am off this Sunday to do something related and vastly more exciting – as I join a group from the Thames Discovery Programme for a visit to the rarely exposed prehistoric and Anglo-Saxon remains that were discovered on the foreshore at Vauxhall. Right in front of the MI6 building. Oh!

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