Watch a Steam Train on Valentines Night

Your perpetually single correspondent doesn’t particularly enjoy Valentines Day, or the way everything vaguely red in colour or heart shaped suddenly doubles in price for a few weeks, and tends to snarl at anything to do with it. He does however have a bit of a fond spot for steam trains, and is also aware that they do have some rather romantic connotations.

Therefore, as a Public Service Announcement, if you want to delight your other half on Monday evening, then watching a Steam Train pass through a South London train station, or under a suitable road bridge between stations on route to the traditional meal out (or maybe staggering home after too much wine) may win you some bonus points.

The steam train will be charging south from Victoria Station via East Croydon and down to Brighton – then returning back to Victoria Station later that night.

The steam train in question is the 34067 Tangmere, one of the Battle of Britain class locomotives designed by Oliver Bulleid for use across the entire Southern Railway. The locomotive was completed in 1947 at Brighton Works and named after a military airfield in Sussex.

The expected timetable is:

Victoria Station (platform 7)18:22
Clapham Junction18:30
Streatham Common18:37
East Croydon18:54
South Croydon18:57

…then down to Brighton (Gatwick Airport 19:27, Brighton 20:07)

Return – leaves Brighton at 22:22 from platform 3

East Croydon23:11
Clapham Junction23:23
Victoria (platform 2)23:35

The train is being run by Cathedral’s Exress

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