Catch the last ever trip on c2c’s Blue Train

c2c, the strangely named train line that runs out of the tiny Fenchurch Street train station towards Southend-on-Sea is having a special event on the 5th March.

It will mark the very last day a train will run on their tracks in their older blue livery.

However, to make it a special event – the train will spend the whole day travelling over the entire c2c network, lineside depots, sidings and routes rarely used including:

  • Bow Junction – Gas Factory
  • Depot run past Ilford
  • Liverpool Street station
  • East Ham Depot
  • Carriage sidings Shoeburyness
  • Laindon platform 2
  • Leigh-on-Sea platform 2

This is the sort of thing to get a train geek most excited.

Tickets are £20 for the whole day, and limited to 282 seats. The price also includes a prize draw to sit in the drivers cabin. Although as the train is out all day, they could probably give everyone 10 minutes in the cabin instead?

Point your excitedly shaking hands towards the c2c website to reserve a ticket (yes, the 5th March is a Saturday).

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