My RSS tracker for TfL’s press releases had an alert that the new Boris Bike stand at Waterloo Station has been completed – offering space for 126 of the blue velocipedes.

Oddly, the press release was removed from the TfL website (or was never uploaded in the first place?), but that aside, an email has arrived confirming the opening of the Super Docking Station.

No mere ordinary docking station – this is a Super Docking Station!

Incidentally, the online map of availability doesn’t show a single Super Docking Station, but three separate units of 36, 55 and 35 stands.

Makes me wonder though if the ever present requirement for branding will require other docking stations to also be classified by size or location?

Just as Tesco stores are classed as Extra; Superstores; Metro; Express etc… we have Standard Docking Stations and now the first Super Docking Station.

Will there be a range of smaller bike stands – the Express Docking Station? How about bike stands with more than 126 racks – will they be Mega Docking Stations?

Personally, I am sad that the Super Docking Station couldn’t quite stretch to 128 bike stands, and the next presumed iteration to 256 bike stands. Then my computer geek could talk about the Bikes being Bits which make up a Byte.

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2 comments on “All Hail the Super Docking Station!
  1. Bikes being bits which make up a bike… ROFLMAO!!!

    😀 😀 😀

  2. Drew says:

    Doesn’t matter! It’s still been completely empty in the morning!

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