Mulled wine at HIGNFY

Yesterday had an unexpected chance to go and watch HIGNFY being recorded live (again) as an email arrived in the morning offering two tickets to first replies who “definitely” would turn up in the evening.

It seemed that they had people returning tickets as they would be unable to get to the show in the evening (Southeastern railway no doubt), and from experience probably knew that the perishing cold weather and an hour+ wait outside would deter a lot of “fair weather” ticket holders.

I’m not sure how they decide who to offer last-minute tickets to – either a list of reliable responders, or random name drawing. If random, I was either very lucky last night, or conversely, very unlucky every other week.

A nice touch though as you arrived was that they handed out hot mulled wine to the audience waiting outside in the cold.

Having arrived later than usual, as having last-minute priority tickets meant being able to jump ahead of the main queue – sadly the Jubilee Line was a disaster, so my friend was severely delayed and I ended up standing outside on my own quite forlornly for 20 minutes as everyone else behind me was let inside to the warmth.

The presenter, Lee Mack I’ve seen before and is very good, the comedienne, sorry no idea who she is, but apparently she is quite popular. The other panellist was London’s own Ken Livingstone, who is very good at one sentence quips, but anything longer than a sentence tended to be a bit too earnest for a comedy quiz show.

Depending on the editing, it could be quite a good episode as there were a lot of good jokes throughout the evening to give the editors lots to play with.

It was snowing as we left. No more mulled wine though.

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One comment on “Mulled wine at HIGNFY
  1. martin says:

    Ooh, you lucky so-and-so. The listings say it’s Sarah Millican, who’s obviously been busy this week, as she was on The Apprentice – You’re Fired last night too.

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