Expanding the Events Listings into Twitter

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Regular users of the Twitter service may be aware of the @LDN account that points people to news and happenings in the London area. A few months ago they expanded into a range of local Twitter feeds that focus on specific postcodes around London.

It’s an ideal way to keep informed with what is happening in your local area – home and/or work.

The local Twitter accounts will now also include selected events from the IanVisits Calendar, so you can be reminded of things going on close to your area.

If you have a Twitter account, then you can find your local LDN information by simply adding the first part of the postcode to LDN_. For example, LDN_W14 – or you can see the full list here.

If you don’t have a Twitter account, but do use RSS reader or Google’s iG page, then you can still keep informed of local news by selecting the RSS feed option on the side menu.

Whats's on in London: today or tomorrow or this weekend

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One comment on “Expanding the Events Listings into Twitter
  1. Ah, that would explain why the LDN_E3 account has suddenly woken up after four mute months, with some almost geographically relevant tweets.

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