I saw this on another website and thought it looked interesting. As part of a Festival Fringe event, there will be a series of guided tours around London Bridge and Shoreditch, looking at the city from a rather unusual perspective – that of the homeless person.

Official blurb:

“Unseen Tours provide a totally unique and exciting perspective on well-known landmarks and the lesser-known nooks and crannies of London. Led by homeless guides with their own distinctive styles and life histories, each walk will have its own personality as it uncovers London’s hidden history and present-day reality from their perspectives. The walks take place in two areas, London Bridge and Shoreditch, both containing powerful symbols of the city’s diversity and social change. These are tours with a social conscience, appealing to Londoners and visitors alike, and anyone who wants to connect with people from different walks of life.”

I would get more information from their website – but it doesn’t contain any, and a quick look at the ticket booking page suggests nothing either. However, if you scroll right to the bottom – there at last you can find out what they are on about. This is actually one of the problems I often encounter trying to maintain the events guide. Many – usually arty/social organisations – can be remarkably good at hiding information about what they are offering.

Moan over – this does sound like quite an interesting departure from the conventional guided tours around London, and I shall try to make my way to one of them.

The tours take place from 6th – 30th August and will run every Wednesday-Sunday, starting at 7pm Weds-Fri and 4pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

Tickets cost £5 and can be booked here.

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2 comments on “Homeless people offering guided tours of London
  1. Living in Vancouver, Canada I saw homeless people spend the day collecting empty bottles and cans which you can take to a recycling depot on most high streets and get some money. Being a student I also did this a couple of times for experience, it’s about $5-7 for a rubbish bag full.

    I always thought that should be harnessed and they should be paid to clear up around the Winter Olympic venues rather than the negative press the authorities got from moving them out and away from public sight.

  2. Ian that sounds really interesting – it might provide me with a bit of inspiration (and a homeless person with a bit of income – can’t be bad)

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