If you have subscribed to my weekly newsletter of events in the London area and was bemused by its absence – the box of electronics that sends it out to you has crashed.

More specifically, for some reason yesterday afternoon it suddenly got sluggish and the software that does the actual sending of the emails wouldn’t progress past a specific point.

Alas, even wiping the entire machine and reinstalling everything from scratch hasn’t fixed the problem – so I can’t send out the weekly events guide.

More worryingly for me at least, the email server is also used for my “day job” and its failure is cost me money as traffic to my commercial websites is down sharply at the moment.

Evidently something nasty has happened to the box of electronics, and I am now waiting for feedback from the hosting firm to see if they can figure out what happened.


You can check what is happening in the week ahead in the old fashioned way – by visiting the calendar.

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2 comments on “The Mail Server has Crashed
  1. Paul M says:

    Have y’tried turning it off and on again?

  2. Michael says:

    Hope you get it up and working soon. Nothing as frustrating as having hardware failing without understanding why.