Of a Wood, a Castle and a Common

No long rambling thoughts, just a long ramble through South London to stop me sitting at the computer and doing the work I should be doing.

Herewith – some photos:

Greenwich foot tunnel – photos of which are officially not allowed any more
Greenwich foot tunnel

A sad forlorn Fozzie Bear abandoned probably by a child being dragged across a busy road – see Londonist for more lost bears
Abandoned Bear

Severndroog Castle – a folly built in 1784 to commemorate Commodore Sir William James who, in April 1755, attacked and destroyed the island fortress of Suvarnadurg (then rendered in English: Severndroog) on the western coast of India.
Severndroog Castle - 1
Other photos – here, here and here

The view from Severndroog castle over an ornamental garden – with a sapling planted by some idiot right in the line of sight for photographers.
The view from Severndroog Castle - 1

Rather a nice water fountain from the remains of an old house demolished by the London County Council.
Water Fountain - 2

The Two Towers – an old water tower and the more modern communications tower
The Two Towers

The view from the cafe in Oxleas Wood – a good spot to stop and have a rest.
Oxleas Wood

Wandering round through Welling and down to Plumstead Common. On the way, this dire warning on a small grass verge against letting cattle roam the land
No horses, cattle or vehicles on the verge

Plumstead Common offers these views over East London. Not particularly scenic, but the scale of the view is impressive.

The view from Plumstead Common - 2

The view from Plumstead Common - 2

Thence home.

Each photo is geotagged on a map if you want to know where they were taken from – just click on the photo then the “map” link on the side menu on the Flickr website.

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2 comments on “Of a Wood, a Castle and a Common
  1. Dazza says:

    Pity my days of long sauntering walks are over. Would take me about a week to get to the top of Shooters Hill!!. But at least I can still enjoy the wonders of our little bit of London by proxy.
    Thanks for the Tour.

  2. patrick says:

    Apparently Severndroog Castle is opening to the public soon – no date specified but their twitter feed says spring 2014.

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