Some three years ago, I wrote a short hymn to a small yellow plastic container in the shape of a small lemon that brings a smile to my face each year as it graces the shelves of our supermarkets.

In that article, I made a confident prediction that the product in question, Jif Lemon, would be around for a hundred years and fervently celebrated as part of the traditions of pancake day.

You can therefore appreciate my horror when I noticed in Waitrose a display of pancake paraphernalia, which lacked that one vital ingredient – the Jif Lemon Juice. In its rightful place was a rude imposter. A low-cost fraud that like some modern day, mountebank, Waitrose has chosen to compell upon us.

No, no and thrice NO!

Not only is this deceiver totally the wrong shape, it is actually part of their low-cost range, artfully called “essentials”.

Is it not the last day before the forty days of abstinence that is Lent? On this day of all days, we should revel in our indulgence of a fully fledged Jif Lemon – not some cheap upstart!

This is Jif Lemon

This is I Cannot Believe It’s Not Jif Lemon

This sort of heretical behaviour has to STOP!

I might even start a petition.

On a lighter note – it seems that some of our colonial cousins are displeased with Jif Lemon’s advertising slogan – judging by this alternative petition.

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7 comments on “Don’t forget the pancakes on Jif Lemon Day!
  1. Mrs Redboots says:

    What’s wrong with a REAL lemon?

  2. Jason says:

    I dabbled with the idea of buying a similar knock-off own-brand Jif lemon at Sainsburys. Went with what I knew in the end.

  3. Last time I asked for Jif lemon (admittedly in one of the stores on Deptford High Street) I was offered a bottle of what is now known as Cif (the cleaning stuff!)

  4. The Informed Consumer says:

    What’s wrong with squeezing a real lemon then?

  5. Jayne says:

    LMAO @ the petition.