Secret rooms in the British Museum

I was at the LSE’s Literary Festival at the weekend, of which more in a day or two, but I couldn’t resist posting a couple of photos that resulted from from some exploratory work after I left the event.

At a talk on the history of the Bloomsbury Area, Professor Rosemary Ashton mentioned that she is currently studying the archives within the British Museum and delighted to tell us of two “secret rooms” hidden behind fake doors within the museum, where she spends time in her labours of research.

Now that was just too much to leave unexplored!

Hence a detour to the museum was mandatory following the lectures, and with a couple of clues from the Professor, the following two doors were identified, one in the Enlightenment Gallery and the other in Gallery 2.

Not totally invisible, but the fake books do mean that it not the sort of thing that the casual observer would notice.

Fake door in the British Museum - 2

Fake door in the British Museum - 1

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