Regular readers may be aware that steam trains are semi-regular visitors to London, and if at a weekend, I quite enjoy going to watch them.

Today was a special occasion as while the train itself is a regular visitor to the Capital, to catch it in a snowy landscape is a rarity.

The 35028 Clan Line train is running out of London via Richmond, and back in again this evening via Streatham, and a trawl through Google Maps suggested that the quiet North Sheen train station might offer a good vantage point to get steam and snow in the same photo.

There are a few other locations which might have offered a better (aka, more distant) view, but you then run the risk of a modern train getting in the way just as the steamer passes by. I’ve been in a few places before where that happens and the curses uttered by the other bystander are quite ripe!

More details about the Orient Express train company who were running today’s train trip.

A few photos – click for larger versions:

35028 Clan Line passing through Sth London

35028 Clan Line passing through Sth London

35028 Clan Line passing through Sth London

35028 Clan Line passing through Sth London

35028 Clan Line passing through Sth London

I wasn’t the only one out for the romantic chance to see a steam train in the snow, as a comment by LDN on Twitter got forwarded around that website quite a bit.  I couldn’t help but notice a few empty tables on the train as it went past – I wonder if people can beg one on the cheap as a last minute deal 😉

Steam trains have been in the news recently, as the modern electric engines couldn’t cope with the weather, but steam trains carried on regardless.

I tend to add steam train trips to the events guide when I am able to confirm the details and they are running at weekends, as they do make for quite a pleasant sight to go and watch.

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4 comments on “Steam Train in the Snow
  1. Limehouse_Lil says:

    Super pics. Would’ve loved to go along but today’s forecast made me wary of going far! Will watch your Events Guide for future opportunities though, I love steam!

  2. Andrew says:

    Great photos. Nice to see a steam train in snow. Noted dual gauge tracks. Interesting.

  3. Jayne says:

    Love the photos 🙂

  4. Another Andy says:

    @Andrew. No dual gauge there my friend. Third rail is electric.

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