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The auction house, Christie’s is having a suitably timed sale – this time of posters advertising the ski holiday industry. Although I haven’t been skiing for well over a decade, and would almost certainly need to be taught to ski again, it was always an activity I enjoyed.

Incidentally, I originally learnt the basics when I was a member of the St John Ambulance. They had a deal that enabled cadets to get a weekend of tutorials for a single £10 note. Never was sure how it would help our First Aid skills, but it was fun.

A few of my favourite posters from the sale:

I liked the clear simplicity of the colours, which also subtly hint at the clear blue waters of the lakes in Switzerland.

I quite liked the way two different posters show roughly the same scene but at different times of the year.

The silver plane from the “golden age of flying works well with the granite grey of the mountains below.

This one shows love, but have to admit my first thought was of bandaged skis, reflecting the risk of broken limbs while on holiday!

As a long term fan of the brutalist architectural movement, this poster appeals both for the colour and composition, but also for the overpowering physical structure it depicts.

I liked this one mainly as it reminded me of some photos I took a couple of years ago by the Tate Modern.

Nissan Qashqai Challenge @ the Tate Modern

And finally..

I know I have a sordid imagination, but am I really the only person who thinks this looks like a condom?

The full collection is on the Christie’s website.

Click on “grid view” if not automatically selected to make it easier to view the posters.

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  1. Jayne says:

    These are fabulous :)

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