My New Aviary

Last winter, I thought it would be nice to put out some bird feed on the balcony. Wanted to buy a conventional nut feeder, but the only options then, as now, were one small nut feeder and about a decade’s worth of nuts.

As it was just a trial idea, I brought a fat and peanut “blob” instead and put that out on the balcony.

There it lingered untouched for ages. I was glad I hadn’t invested in the huge sack of nuts!

Only a few months ago, something changed as the local wagtails discovered the feed and promptly devoured it. Then the pigeons discovered the feed and like vermin overran the place, which was a bit of a problem.

Noticing however, that pigeons seem to be limited to horizontal feeding (evolutionary failure), I was able to move the bird feed to a new location that is ideal for everyone except the pigeons.

Sorry Brian!

Recently, the Blue Tits also discovered the bird feed, and I added a more conventional plastic feeder to the growing array of options on the balcony.

As a bit of cheap entertainment, seeing the birds arrive, take a nibble then fly off is quite nice.

However, some of the pigeons have learnt to hover in mid air by this and take nibbles from the nut feeder. Give it a hundred years, and London will be famous for its giant grey hummingbirds – all because of a trick learnt on my balcony!

This morning though – the balcony is overrun by a flock of starlings who are causing quite a considerable commotion out there with their chatter, fights and and general yobbish behaviour.

If it becomes a regular thing might have to rethink the bird feeding though – as those nut balls can work out quite expensive if I am replacing them every couple of days.

Starlings on the balcony

Sorry about the filthy windows – I was going to clean them this weekend, but was feeling a bit lazy and it was cold outside. Honest!

Starlings on the balcony Starlings on the balcony

Currently hunting for a bird box that is either designed to be mounted onto a window so we can see inside it from the warmth of the flat, or with a webcam that can connect to the internet. Might have babies in the spring!

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2 comments on “My New Aviary
  1. Andrew says:

    Taggart and The Bill inform me that everyone in Scotland and England live on a river and have nice views. Further proof here. Most gently suggest, you may regret this encouragement of birds.

  2. First take half an empty coconut shell, tie some string through the holes. Turn it upside down, put some nuts and seeds in it, then pour in some melted lard or fat off the roast. Leave it to set then hang it from the railing. You can refill it after it is empty at the cost of pennies. Don’t take any notice of Andrew; as long as you are not encouraging pigeons/seagulls you will not find the birds a pest. I too hang out a bird feeder and put fresh water out when it’s frosty, but only once in the last five years have the birds visited on a regular basis. However it was a very cute family of great tits, so well worth the effort!

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