Two photography posts in succession? I better stop this sharpish!

Anyhow, after yesterdays somewhat sarcastic opinion about a photo contest, here is one which is vastly more worthy and exciting.

Britain Loves Wikipedia is a photography contest that will be held in museums and cultural institutions across the UK, with the aim of increasing the number of pictures available to illustrate existing articles on Wikipedia and to inspire new articles.

There is no prize as such, as you give your photos to the open-source community, but there is the warm glow of doing something that will benefit the UK’s museums, which is difficult to replicate with mere trinkets.

(updated – have been informed that there will be trinkets for the winners, but I am sure that is not our motivation!)

The event will kick off with a launch event at the V&A on Sun, 31st Jan 2010, followed by a series of events each weekend at locations around the UK. The event will run for the whole month of February 2010.

They are still seeking museums to join in – so if you are the responsible person at one of my favourite little London museums, kindly fire off an email to or via Twitter to be included and get lots of visitors sporting cameras turning up on your doorstep in February.

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