Sat at my desk, working away and as I look up I see a stunning sight. A sight that had me literally throwing off my reading glasses and running across the room with camera to catch it before it vanished.

Amazingly, it actually lasted a good couple of minutes and got stronger in intensity as time went on.

I’ll let the photos tell the rest – you may make your own inferences about the City, Banks and Pots of Gold.

Click on photos for larger versions


Alexander's band
Notice the double reversed rainbow here – known as Alexander’s Band

Right on the Gherkin

Clouds breaking

Incredibly, about an hour later a second rainbow appeared – this time with both an Alexander Band and a strong reflection in the River Thames

Rainbow reflected in the Thames

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3 comments on “Huge Rainbow over the City of London
  1. Maggie Bob says:

    Gorgeous photos. A rainbow really does feel like the promise of hope…

  2. isemann says:

    Lovely shots, can’t see them from my corner of London though.

    @Maggie Bob – true about the hope thing. I just found out from Tweet Cloud that one of my two most used words during a year and a month of tweeting are hope. The other is time. Not sure what that means though.


  3. Snap!
    After reading your post, I looked up and saw something similar, with a huge, all-encompassing rainbow over Scotland Yard, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben and the London Eye 🙂