After Nick Griffin’s comments on the BBC’s Question Time about homosexuals being creepy, I thought I’d play around with the iconic “hope” poster used during the US Presidential Elections.

Fortunately, there is a website that – with a bit of post-production editing – can generate the Obamicon posters automatically for you from a source image.

Nick Griffin

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3 comments on “Creepy
  1. Dazza says:

    I think it nice to see a middle aged man following a woman with his views…..OK so she died nearly 2000 years ago but I’m sure Boadicea would be proud of his stand against foreign ‘invaders’. I can see it now, a statue to Nick Griffin near the Houses Of Parliament in suitable ‘heroic’ pose…………..Now THAT’S CREEPY!!!!
    By the way, I am JOKING. Anyone who ‘dislikes’ (I was going to put HATE, but thought it too strong) someone because they have a different colour skin is clearly deranged at best.
    When the British Empire was at its height, were not some of these ‘invaders’ classed as British Citizens? Are we now to withdraw their rights because it suits us to blame them for some (for Daily Mail and BNP supporters read ‘All’) of our national problems?

  2. RickH says:

    Such a big subject!!!!

    But first, love the poster! What site is that?

    I would like to say that it is unfortunate that Griffin has increased his profile at such a time of recession and relative poverty, but of course, it is exactly for these reasons that he has chosen to stick his head above the parapet. If he had done it at any other time it would have been taken off. But the general population, those people feeling the effects of all that is happening, have no control over what is happening to them, so look for causes, excuses and someone to blame. Things wouldn’t be so bad if we had someone with the knowledge and the ear of the nation who wasn’t corrupt and self-serving to explain the situation in easily understood terms so that people could know exactly who to blame!

  3. Andrew France says:

    Isn’t someone organising a mass gay kissing protest/party outside the BNP HQ. You should go along to that. :)

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