Companies that take a month to update a database

This morning I had a bit of an odd email promoting some charity thing from Vodafone. Although I don’t recall signing up for the emails, I am a customer of the company, so just clicked the unsubscribe link to remove myself from the mailing list.

The process itself was painless, no need to enter my details to confirm anything – just a straightforward removal service.

Then the confirmation message:


They will take a month to remove me from their mailing lists?

Well, no, not quite – I am removed from the “master list”, but they may have copied my details into other mailing lists for one-off emails and I might still get those.

Now, as someone who used to be involved in email marketing, and still occasionally dips into the industry, this is an appalling way to conclude my relationship with the company.

Not only have I never ever dealt with a company that locks down a marketing campaign 28 days before it is sent out, even if a company were to do that – they should refresh the list of email addresses a few hours before the email is sent to ensure ex-customers are not accidentally contacted.

Anything else would be spam – plain and simple.

As it happens, most companies I have dealt with struggle to deliver their marketing emails on the day they are sent, let alone a month in advance.

If Vodafone UK is unable to do something as simple as removing an email address from mailing lists, then something dire is wrong with their IT platform.


The mailing list I run for this very website removes your details from my database instantly if you were to unsubscribe.

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