A journalist in Australia has written a short piece about visiting the East End of London that is so full of holes that it makes a colander look solid by comparison.

One of the more egregious of comments was that Whitechapel and Deptford are just around the corner from each other. Now, it may be possible that London’s very own blogging pigeon might consider them to be a short flight apart, but I doubt anyone constrained to travel by more earthy means would consider them to be within easy reach of each other.

This was ably picked up by Deptford Misc who dispensed the required scorn at such a concept.

My eye however was drawn a bit further down the article to a recommendation of walking tours that start from £149 for a group of four people. Yes – that works out at £37.50 per person!

As I update the events guide on this very website, I start to feel uncomfortable listing walking tours costing more than a tenner – so the idea that someone is getting away with nearly four times that is an eye opener. One that I fervently hope other walking tour guides do not take to heart, otherwise my perambulations around our city might prove to become an expensive hobby.

Either that – or I am missing a lucrative new career option.

As our Australian scribe gazes at Whitechapel art, her companion walks past muttering: “I can’t believe the stuff they write on these things.”

I cannot help but think the same thing, about her news article.

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One comment on “£37 for a walking tour of Whitechapel?
  1. M@ says:

    It is a bit steep. However, they’re not like your common or garden walking tours. Urban Gentry supposedly put together a personalised itinerary, taking you to places a mass tour party cannot go and offering a more one-to-one experience. And it’s three hours long, which makes it about £12 per hour per person if there are four people. That doesn’t seem outrageously more expensive than more familiar tour concepts, especially as you get a lot more say in where you go. Not for everyone (including me), but I think it fills its niche well.

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