Friday evening trip on the 1938 tube train?

Another outing for the iconic restored 1938 tube train – this time on a Friday evening along the District line. This weekend (29th/30th Aug) the Upminster depot is open to the public for its 50th anniversary, and the 1938 train will be on display.

Being normally stored safely at London Transport Museum’s Depot at Acton, the train has to get back – and so on Friday 4th Sept the 1938 stock train will be making its return to the depot, and you can be a passenger on that train.

It will depart Upminster station at 19:52 and will run non-stop to Ealing Broadway – approximately 90 minutes. Tickets are £20 each and are limited to 150 places only.

Book tickets for this event via their website or telephone 0207 565 7298.

I’ve done quite a few trips on the train, and the look of the general public as the old train goes through the stations is by far the best fun you can have. I’ll bet a few spectators will wonder if they had a few more post-work drinks that remembered when the train passes their bleary eyes on this Friday evening!

Please note, there will be a photo opportunity at Whitechapel platform 4 from 20:35 until 20:48 and reverse at High Street Kensington platform 2 at 21:19.

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One comment on “Friday evening trip on the 1938 tube train?
  1. Ronnie says:

    Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, I have missed another one.

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