Almost everyone else in London has done this, so I guess I can jump on the horse drawn cart and pull out a few choice sample from the new Pathé News website. Being a resident in the docklands area, I have decided to focus on the Thames and Docklands.


Captain Kennedy of the Canadian ship “Beaverbrae” denounces the Dockers Strike of 1949

Repairing the spire of the 100 years old Poplar Church – local to where I live, and a lack of health & safety that would make modern workmen cringe.

New Dockland road opened by Minister of Transport – near Silvertown

Damming the Thames – a proposal for a tidal dam at Woolwich that would include a road and rail link.

Black man, white man, brown man, yellow man. All the lousy Orient waiting on the quay – politically incorrect lyrics!

London Dock Strike – ‘Communist Conspiracy’ – from 1950, part of the series of strikes over these years.

Firemen prepare for a nuclear attack on the docks

Flying boat lands on the Thames – notable for the very last few shots of the aircraft going under Tower Bridge. This needs to be recreated!

London Wharf Blaze – warehouse in Wapping on fire. Could we have the commentator do a voiceover for the recent Camberwell fire?

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