It seems the two London Bridges, the current and the later are on Twitter and have been having a bit of a childish spat! For clarity, Tower Bridge has its own Twitter account as well, although it has maintained a dignified silence so far.

London Bridge is the one in Arizona, and I’m London Bridge is the current resident of the spot on the Thames

I’m London Bridge – Yaaaaawn. That was a good sleep. What did I miss? Did @TowerBridge do something interesting? No, I expect not.

London Bridge – It seems my kid sister @ImLondonBridge is being beastly about our cousin @TowerBridge. Grow up, you two, this isn’t Myspace.

London Bridge – And you, @ImLondonBridge, when was the last time you did anything? You’ve never even moved. Unlike some of us.

I’m London Bridge@London_Bridge Hey bro, I do move. A little. The geniuses who designed me allowed me to expand and contract according to the weather.


I wonder if the original London Bridge will start Tweeting from wherever it is that bridges go to when they die?

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