Have I Got News for You – ticket procedure change

Update: The procedure has changed since the below was written. Click on the link for the latest details of how to request tickets to see Have I Got News for You being recorded

Regular readers will be aware of my near obsessive love of the Have I Got News for You TV show – and the regular rush to get tickets to watch it being recorded live.

As the tickets are made available on their website just twice a year, there is a mad rush to book tickets before they “sell out”, often within just a few minutes. Last time, the flood of traffic to all intents, crashed their website, and they advised that a new procedure for booking tickets would be launched for the next series.

While not sure yet quite how it will work, I noticed this morning that part of the new website is live, and if you want to book tickets in future, you will need to register an account with them.

In case the site wobbles and falls over again when the next batch of HIGNFY tickets is made available, might be wise to register early – maybe today even.

The tickets for the winter series are usually released around the 20th September, based on the past few years – and naturally, I will flag it on the blog and/or events guide.

One annoying aside though – their address system is demanding that I enter a county. I live in London – there is no county to enter! You’d think a London based company would know that. </rant> And breathes.

Update: The next batch of tickets will be put on to their website on the 21st Sept 2009. Woo!

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6 comments on “Have I Got News for You – ticket procedure change
  1. Josh says:

    They truly have the most infuriating form ever on the website!

  2. If you live in London, your county is “Greater London”.

    Their website is a model of ease compared to that on which you register for BBC programme tickets; that website has the temerity to ask you for your age and occupation as well!

  3. PAULP says:

    Just registered!! really hope to get tickets (fingers and everything crossed) any ideas what time on the 21st I can apply???

  4. the tickets were comeing out at 2pm and i was signed in waiting and what happens the web sit crash how the hell are we supossed to get tickets in this way. I think this a great big con.

  5. IanVisits says:

    The site is very slow, but you do get through eventually.

    It’s hardly a “con” though – considering you aren’t paying for anything and they aren’t actually misleading you about what you get at the end of it.

  6. Baggy says:

    From 2pm the hattrick website was slow and did crash but I assume it was everyone logging in at the same time. It was fine 10-15 minutes later.

    PS I also saw Jack Dee back in May – I thought it was v funny! But of course Brain Blessed was def the best presenter so far – was in the audience for that one as well :)

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  2. […] 21st Sept 2009. The procedure for booking tickets has changed. Click here for more up to date […]

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