Spam and chips

When you write a blog, you invite with trepidation the comments of your readers and peers who lay waste to what you have written.

In addition to the legitimate comments, you will also receive a somewhat larger number of comments from spammers who seek to scatter links to their own website hither and thither with gay abandon in the desperate, and often futile attempt to drive traffic to their own websites.

Some of the blog spam is obvious as it is little more than a machine generated list of links to websites that cater to those ladies of the night who ply their trade vicariously over the internet.

Some of it is a blatant appeal to the ego of the blog author with comments along the lines of “great writing, love it, will read more” and hope that such praise will result in their comments being published as a hymn to the writers skills.

Personally, even if such a comment wasn’t spam, I’d delete it anyway as being utterly pointless and adding nothing to the website.

The other type is where they craft messages that might be vaguely related to the blog, but are so banal and daft that they tend to stand out.

Today, my collection of spam comments included one of the latter, but one that actually made me do a genuine laugh out loud moment for the unintended folly of the comment.

On a blog posting about the Swan Upping ceremony – something that dates back at least 450 years – was the following question:

“Great idea, but will this work over the long run?”

Accepted, that by the City of London standards, 450 years is a mere teenager in the annals of English traditions, but I do think that it is sufficiently aged for us to conclude that it does indeed work over the long run.

Thank you dear spammer, but even making me laugh wont let your attempt to have a link to a “free usenet trial” appear on my blog.

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