Westminster to get missile defense against attacks

Sorry for the only slightly misleading headline ;)

The story is in essence correct, if you realise I am referring the the Navy frigate, HMS Westminster, not the council. However, in our ever increasingly paranoid city, it really wouldn’t surprise me to read that the city is to get a ground to air missile defence system.

It’s only a matter of time before that press release lands on my desk.

HMS Westminster is actually a fairly regular visitor to the City and often spends a week in December moored alongside HMS Belfast, where they also present a cask of rum to the Tower of London in rent.

Official press release: Firepower boost for HMS Westminster

However, there will indeed be a missile defence system for London in the near future, as it is expected that one of the new Type 45 class destroyers will be lurking in the Thames estuary during the 2012 Olympics.

Its 45 super-agile Aster missiles are said by its supporters to be able to track and destroy a moving target the size of a cricket ball at 19 miles. Fortunately, cricket is not itself an Olympic sport – otherwise very unfortunate accidents could occur.

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