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As I put my name on the mailing list for the recent Story of London month of events, I have just received an email asking me to fill in a survey asking what I thought of it all.

Making an evil laugh and rubbing my hands with glee at the thought of being able to vent my frustration with it all, I dutifully clicked on the link in the email, to be greeted with this warning from my email program.

Thunderbird thinks the email is a scam

Fortunately, I have a background in bulk email applications, so was able to know the email wasn’t a scam. However, I wouldn’t have sent the email out in the first place without checking that it wouldn’t trigger such a warning. Also, I wonder how many people getting that warning run away as fast as possible?

Working through the fairly bland list of questions, I came to a page asking how I knew about the events – and which (if any) website I had found out about it.


I noticed that Diamond Geezer wasn’t listed, although I can’t imagine why!

More seriously, I wonder why The Guardian was explicitly listed, but not the websites of other newspapers.

Finally, at the end of the survey, we got to the bit I wanted, a general “what can we do better” box, where I vented my annoyance that the bulk the walking tours were squashed into the same weekend. Spreading them over the whole month would have been much more sensible.

While I appreciate the organisers wanted to make the series of events sound as impressive as possible, at least half of them were just routine things that happen anyway, so it would have helped to have exclusive and one-off’s highlighted. That would have made it easier to isolate those events that can’t be enjoyed another time.

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