The bike hire scheme being launched next year is one of those transport ideas that I like, a lot.

I was looking forward to cycling into the West End, dropping off the bike and staggering home on the tube via several pubs. Alas, the first phase doesn’t actually cover where I live.

Still, I applaud the concept.

However, I am a bit confused as to why the service is being advertised today on the Google advertising network – nearly a year before it is even ready.

bike_hireThe advert seems to point to just the generic cycling page on the TfL website, which in itself isn’t too bad as it promotes options available today, with a smallish link to next year’s hire scheme. But that then means the headline text is a bit misleading, and people clicking on it to learn about the cycle hire scheme they can’t currently use would not be taken directly to the suitable page on the TfL website.


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