Ever since I started this website, I haven’t really had what we would call a “homepage”. Anyone visiting the root domain of “https://www.ianvisits.co.uk” got automatically redirected, originally to the blog, and now to the events listings page.

Frankly, that is a tiny bit messy, so I have created a basic homepage at last.

Not being the most imaginative sort, it is just a copy of the listings page, but limited to just today’s events – including the recurring events I normally hide – and my most recent blog postings.

I think it might make the site a bit easier to understand to new visitors, as it wasn’t really obvious that there are two core elements – the listings guide and the blog – to the website.

Hardly the most dramatic change, but in the interests of clarity, I felt I should explain that a change has indeed happened and that people who visit the “home page” are going to see something slightly different.

If you want to have a peek – go to www.ianvisits.co.uk

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