The Chap Olympiad 2009

Spiffing news Jeeves, for those fine gentlemen over at The Chap have announced the date for the The Chap Olympiad of 2009.

Unlike the more athletic antics likely to occur in a few years time just up the road in Stratford, the Chap Olympiad is more a battle of style over substance, young fogginess over athleticism.

The Chap OlympiadAs a strong believer in the merits of good living over physical prowess, I heartedly approve of the afternoon of events. The Olympiad will consist of feats of prowess such as the Three-Trousered Limbo, Moustache Wrestling, Quill Throwing and Bounders.

The Chap Olympiad seeks to celebrate specifically British qualities, such as the excessive drinking of dry martinis before lunch, the wearing of monocles, the smoking of pipes and the maintenance of an immaculate crease in one’s trousers.

Hence, you will be able to find me at Bedford Square Gardens on the 11th July, doubtless with a Pimms in one hand, and cigar in the other. My sporting antics however will almost certainly be limited to the quite strenuous 100yrd stroll – to the Gin tent.

In more worrying news, The Chap is in financial trouble, and while the Olympiad is secured, the magazine is not. Subscriptions and donations possible via their website.


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2 comments on “The Chap Olympiad 2009
  1. A Chap says:

    Did you make it to the Olympiad? Some photos if you’re interested (website link)…

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