The Story of London

Next month (June) will be filled with a vast array of events all around the city focusing largely on the history of the city and the lives of people who have lived here.

The website with all the events has now gone live, and I have gone down the rather mammoth list of things happening to try and tease out those which are one-offs or catch my eye as interesting. I’ve then added them to my own events guide to save you the hassle of hunting down the more interesting stuff.

I’ve tried to ignore those events (mainly walking tours) which I am fairly sure occur at other times, although I did include a few semi-regulars as they don’t happen that often anway.

Next weekend (6th-7th June) seems to be the BIG ONE for walking tours, then it calms down a bit later in the month. Tip for organisers in the future – don’t put almost all the walking tours on the same weekend!

Another one which did catch my eye – is a rare chance to visit the Fire Brigade Museum. That place is only open to pre-booked tours, so being able to just wander in is an opportunity not to be missed – although, very annoyingly the museum is still not opening at weekends, so you’ll need to book a Friday afternoon off work.

Otherwise, two others which caught my eye are both canal walks – the lost Cumberland Arm of the Regent’s canal which is a one-off tour, and a “semi-regular but not that often” tour of the canal which ends up with a climb up a water tower.

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2 comments on “The Story of London
  1. Caroline says:

    Not only are most of the walks on one weekend, but it’s also the weekend after Walk London – not much spacing out there!

  2. IanVisits says:

    It would also have been a good idea to spread them out as people might have got into the habit of going out for a heritage walk each weekend through June, and when July came along, started seeking out other London walks to fill the gap.

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