A boon to weak men; A blessing to delicate women;

It restores impaired vitality – It cures Hysteria.
It has cured thousands of sufferers.

Available from 52 Oxford St., London
(which now seems to be a travel agents).

It Cures Hysteria!

Another advert from my archive of Illustrated London News – from 1891.
Click on the photo for a larger version.

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One comment on “The Electropathic Belt
  1. Rob says:

    The Wellcome Collection has more adverts for Harness’ magnetic corsets and electropathic belts. Also, there’s this rather wonderful article from the June 1893 edition of the BMJ recounting the BMA’s tussle with Mr Harness: “the Medical Battery Company (that is, Mr Harness) “carried on so dishonest and disreputable a trade and business, and were so notorious and of such ill repute …”” He sued the BMJ, they stood their ground and he backed down.