The Lives of Others (Das Leben der Anderen) is an award winning 2006 film about the Stasi in East Germany, yet the lessons from the film has striking parallels with Great Britain in 2009. Here subtitles are added to the trailer of the film. Numerous references in the subtitles are from news stories in spring 2009 in the UK.

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Whilst amusing to snigger at the references to David Blunkett and the Daily Mail, this was actually slightly uncomfortable viewing as it is becoming true. People really are being stopped under anti-terrorism laws for taking photos of buses, and databases are being created to monitor your every email and webpage visit.

As it happens, my webserver which hosts this very website (amongst others I run) is based in the USA and all my emails from my laptop computer to the email server over there sent over a secure line. That’s not because I am evil, but because I have rudimentary security and don’t want my access passwords etc being transmitted over the internet for hackers to intercept.

That the precautions also happen to make it very difficult to tell if I am sending an email or downloading a copy of Oceans 13 is purely coincidental 😉

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