The Shard at London Bridge

The Shard, a super-tall skyscraper which will start rising up over London will be very visible from my flat when finished – to the point of being the dominant item on the skyline.

I have wanted for some time to mock-up an image of what I will see when I look up from my computer and gaze outwards – and thanks to a new image over on Skyscraper News and a bit of rudimentary fiddling with graphics software – I present the following:

The Shard - from Docklands

I’d expect the colours to be less vibrant when it is built as I am trying to overlay a summers evening picture onto a photo of the skyline I took this afternoon and don’t have the skills to fiddle with such things.

Thanks to optical thingymajigs which make a camera photo of landscapes seem different to how humans see it – I expect the building to be more dominant in my human skyline, as the Guys Hospital building seems at least a third larger from my desk than shown here.

Incidentally, SkyscraperNews (yes, them again) have also mocked up a map of what parts of the South-East will be visible from the top of The Shard. Yes to Windsor Castle and Cambridge – but also yes to Croydon and Southampton.


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One comment on “The Shard at London Bridge
  1. kester says:

    Not sure Southampton deserves the same categorisation as Croydon!

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