Vintage cars on display

For the super-rich, Bonhams are holding an auction on Monday of vintage cars.

For the less-rich, the cars also happen to be on display prior to the sale for everyone to peer at.

Being definitely a member of the less-rich category, I wandered up to the RAF Museum in Colindale this morning for a look at the cars and sigh wistfully at them.

IMG_8589Unlike a lot of blokes, I am not actually that knowledgeable about motor cars and if a road accident were ever to occur where the police asked for a statement, I would struggle to offer anything more than the colour and how many wheels the car had.

Nonetheless, I can look at a vintage car and admire the aesthetics, even if the intricacies of the engine etc are a complete mystery to me.

My ambivalence is slightly ironic, as my father was a collector of cars and had quite a few of them. Alas, being a typical car collector, practicalities were secondary and our trips into town often involved a 2-seater sports car with me squashed in behind the parents in the space normally reserved for the shopping.

IMG_8623Still, a display of vintage cars – and a free on at that is worth going up and taking a look at.

Bonhams will be holding the auction on Monday, so you really need to visit tomorrow (Sunday) if you want to have a wander round the place.

As it happens, I picked up the Sale Catalogue as it helps me with the photo labelling, but also gets me in the auction should I be so inclined. Interestingly, they are not just selling cars, but some old Penny-Farthing style bikes, which are affordable and in my older well-paid job might have tempted me.

I also got a bit confused when reading the catelogue and a six-page splash about one car seemed to have a reserve price of a mere £10-12,000 which seemed surprising. Then I realised that was for the license plate alone. The car itself had a reserve price involving several more zeros.

IMG_8573While I wandered round it was easy to spot the potential buyers as they were carrying out in-depth studies of the cars and talking in the strange language of motor enthusiasts. However, I also noticed a few kids crawling over some of the cars, and seemingly encouraged by their parents to behave like that. Had I behaved like that as a kid, I think a clip round the ear would have been the least of my worries.

Lots more photos, as usual over on my Flickr Account.

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One comment on “Vintage cars on display
  1. petoskystone says:

    where were the bonham’s staff when those children were crawling over the most expensive merchandise? my daughter wouldn’t think of letting her children run loose in public!

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