Ian Tomlinson protest march in the City

Was planning to pass through the City of London taking photos, and ran quite literally into a protest march – so took photos of that instead.

I think this is my favourite – although I am curious as to how Socialist Worker seem able to almost hijack every protest march going with their placards and banners.

A forest of placards

A few more over on my usual Flickr Site.

Whats's on in London: today or tomorrow or this weekend

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2 comments on “Ian Tomlinson protest march in the City
  1. bat020 says:

    re your curiousity, Socialist Worker managed to ‘hijack’ the demo by, erm, helping to organise it in the first place. We’re terribly cunning like that.

  2. The one and only protest march I ever attended was at university in the mid-nineties about the abolition of the student grant. I thought it ironic that all the plackards then were created by the Socialist Worker.

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