Hiding from the Raffia-Mafia*

Today I am, as I am often wont to do, sitting in my local branch of Starbucks working away on my laptop. I am dressed as I usually dress, namely in casual clothes, I have my laptop computer in front of me, a coffee beside me and my blackberry-like Nokia phone beeping intermittently.

Normally, I am a telecoms writing, nomadic working web geek.

Today though, something has changed. Not me, but YOU – you’ve all changed, and in doing so, changed me.

I am now a city working office suit who is terrified of being mobbed by the anti-business mafia and decided to wear casual clothes as a disguise.

I am surrounded by a number of fellow casually dressed people all trying to pretend to be casual geeks while their copy of the Financial Times peeks out of their rucksack and they type away on their computers and blackberrys in the way that only serious stern suits can manage.

In fact, the sight of so many people going around in unusually smart casual clothes just makes the absurdity of the whole situation even more surreal.

*Raffia-Mafia is a reference from an early episode of Yes Minister.

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