Handel’s Messiah @ Leicester Square

I have just had this via an email from the Foundling Museum – the first ever broadcast of a live choral concert into cinemas.

As tickets to  King’s College Chapel in Cambridge tend to drive credit cards to suicide, this could be a rather amazing chance to hear the full Messiah in a big setting.

There are a number of cinemas dotted around London participating in the broadcast, including a large West-End cinema in Leicester Square.

The move to broadcasting opera and classic music into cinemas is a growing trend and it is interesting to see this new experiment.

Full list of cinemas

As an aside, there was an interesting letter in this week’s Economist which commented on the pronunciation of Handel’s surname.

The universal practice of music teachers and radio presenters pronouncing it as “Handle” or “Hahndel” was considered sacrilege by Professor Lang, a distinguished Handel scholar at Columbia University. The proper pronunciation? “Hehndel”, through pursed lips, of course.

So there you have it – a chance to listen (and watch) The Messiah on a big screen – and a chance to correct people chattering around you in the interval with the proper pronounciation of his name (just duck when they throw a glass at you!).

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