I have received correspondence today from a reader advising me that the monthly tours of the amazing London Library will end this very weekend due to ongoing building works in the building.

The London LibraryThe Library aquired new property next door and has been expanding into that space over the past year, and evidently the works will now start to disrupt the rest of the building.

If you like books, or history in general, I would really strongly suggest going along this weekend to have a last final look around before the tours end until sometime in 2010.

Obviously, if you join the Library, then you can go in whenever you like!

A review of my previous visit is here.

Details of this weekend’s final tour are here.

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One comment on “Last chance for a tour of The London Library
  1. Adrian says:

    Oh fiddlesticks. I hate finding out stuff like this when I have an already jam-packed weekend… but thank you for bringing it to my attention anyway!