Dear companies – when making a big PR announcement to the world media, it is normal to explain who you are – as it can be difficult to keep up with every single firm in a global industry.

To that end, a short bit of blurb at the bottom of the press release explaining what you do and who you are is very useful.

Writing it in recognisable English is also quite helpful.

I present the following:

Micromax, is a pioneer in creating life-enhancing mobile phone solutions and wireless technologies that cater to the increasingly sophisticated needs of mobile users in India. Driven by aspirations and passion for the telecom world, Micromax has geared up to bring about the paradigm shift in the way the cell phones are used by introducing groundbreaking mobile solutions technology.

With a futuristic vision and an exhaustive R&D at its helm, Micromax has successfully generated innovative technologies that will revolutionise the telecom sector. Micromax, the ‘technical innovator with life enhancing products’, has introduced for the first time in India ‘Mobile ka Baap’: a mobile technology with 30 days battery standby amongst other products.

Micromax made a humble beginning and today prides itself as being the front runner in Wireless Telecommunication in the country. With an aggressive growth plan, the company is looking at closing the fiscal year with a turnover of INR 400 Crores.

Guess what, it turns out that they manufacture mobile phones.

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2 comments on “It’s a “paradigm shift”
  1. Dan says:

    Ah, that’s a lovely example of Hindlish. Bless ’em, but they tend to forget that using words like Crores doesn’t really make much sense to the rest of the world. (But then putting 400,00,00,000 takes some working out too. And putting £55m looks even less impressive.)

  2. IanVisits says:

    Long experience has taught me how to deal with Crores and Lakhs from that part of the world (although I still mix them up at times!).

    It was more the waffly, pointless talk which gave me a headache and had me running to Google to find out who they really are and what they do.

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