Times newspaper removes incorrect story from website

A story was published this morning by The Times newspaper on their website claiming that RyanAir had joined the Twitter site and was dispensing customer “don’t” care in their unique and inimitable style.

Naturally, lots of comments as the RyanAir tweets are characteristically rude – but considering that there are fake Twitter accounts around, the source of the story contacted the trashy airline and they confirmed that the account was genuine.

Later in the day – the firm claimed that it misunderstood and the original source of the story was updated with corrections.

The Times however, rather than admitting to a mistake – simply took the page off their website.

Unfortunately for them, Google has cached the page (at time of writing) and that lets people see the original article as written by The Times. The newspaper would get more kudos if it admitted the error occurred than trying to cover up their mistake by simply deleting the story and hoping no one would notice.

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