Whilst the best views over London often come from private office blocks, which tend to be difficult to get into – if you can find a multi-story car park, the top floor often offers surprisingly good views over the city.

There are not too many in the centre of London, and most of them are surrounded by taller buildings, but they are worth investigating anyway.

Here are a few photos taken today from the rather iconic car park just to the North of Oxford Street.

Iconic from the ground

Looking South towards Oxford Street

Looking down Henrietta Place

Not bad for a few minutes panting up 10 flights of stairs. A few more at the usual Flickr account.

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One comment on “Looking down over London
  1. petoskystone says:

    great shots–esp. like the guy walking down the middle of the lane with oncoming traffic. kind of like driving around yale university (new haven).

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