Small improvement to the Events Guide

If you are a user of the events guide (you are aren’t you?) then you may hopefully be happy with a small change I have made.

The main listings page will now indicate if the event is free of charge to attend.

Many museum/heritage type events often have no formal charge but do appreciate a donation – as the donation is not mandatory, I will list them as free as well, and leave it to your conscience ;)

In order to fit the icon onto the page though, I will henceforth only show the starting time for events – which I feel is a suitable compromise. Naturally, clicking on the event for the full details will still include the end time.

In these CreditCrunchâ„¢ times, highlighting free events should make it easier to identify which entertainments wont hurt the wallet.

Coming soon – I will also add a second icon to indicate if an event needs booking in advance.

As there are nearly 3,200 forthcoming events in the calendar, I really need to think of an automated way to update the database, as my laziness gene ensures that I don’t feel like going through each one manually.

Any more suggestions for improvements are always appreciated.


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