A new Rubik’s Cube

My childhood icon, the Rubik’s Cube has returned in a new form, and I am not happy.

The new version is a solid box with lights – and rather than twisting the cube around, you swipe your finger over the block and that simulates the rotation of the segments.

Rubik's TouchCube

What a pointless idea!

While both products have the same puzzle to solve – the original is more tactile and somehow alive. The new version sounds like a problem looking for a solution, or just an attempt to jump on the touch-screen mania launched by the Apple iPhone last year.

I will not be buying one, and in fact I shall wander over to eBay and buy an original in protest.

A short Quicktime video of the new product.

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One comment on “A new Rubik’s Cube
  1. petoskystone says:

    rubiks cube was the one tactile puzzle my father couldn’t solve. he worked on it for a few days (much longer than is usual for him)& then got annoyed. so he took it apart & glued it back together in the solved formation :)

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