Union Jack flying upside down during Anglo-Sino summit

Noticed by a sharp eyed Croydonian that the Union Jack/Flag (delete as appropriate) used for the ongoing Chinese summit was actually upside down.



Although technically a sign of distress or surrender, I doubt most people would realise at a glance that the flag was signaling that message.

Whilst pointed out on the Croydonian’s blog that the flag would be the correct way round from Gordon’s side of the table, it is not normal for the table displays in press conferences to be aligned for the speakers – as that would look odd for the media photos – as happened here.

Incidentally, the story that the flag is only called the Union Jack when flying on a ship is dubious – Wikipedia has more about that contentious issue. I personally think the history of the title suggests that the flag can be referred to as the Jack regardless of where it is flown.

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One comment on “Union Jack flying upside down during Anglo-Sino summit
  1. Jams says:

    It’s not a question of left/right, but which side is closest to the pole. In this case the cross of St Andrew is sits underneath St Patrick in the top quarter closest to the pole, which is wrong.

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