Google thinks every website could harm your computer

It seems that Google is having a bit of a wobble this afternoon (UK time) as it is marking every single website as being potentially harmful to your website.

The warning message reads: This site may harm your computer

It is quite obviously a glitch – as they should only display that where the Google-bot detect dangerous software (malware) on the website which could infect your own computer with a virus or other problematic hacks.

I am sure there are Google engineers running around the office right now trying to pull the plug on this!

Still, nice to know that even the mighty Google isn’t infallible ;)

(update: about half an hour after the glitch started, it was fixed and the fun ended)

This site may harm your computer

Google even thinks itself is infected with bad things – which as they are the one having the glitch right now, is slightly appropriate.

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