Bored at work?

One of the RSS feeds I keep an eye on is the Zoological Society of London – which is the posh name for London Zoo (and Whipsnade), mainly for keeping an eye on any events they might be having.

They just issued a press release – offering the chance to spend a day as a zookeeper.

All you have to do is write in to them explaining why your job is such a pit of such utter tediousness, that spending a day shovelling Elephant dung would be deemed pleasent.

Being ever cycnical though – I wondered how would you explain to your boss that you needed the day off work if you won.

You: “Hi, can I have next Tuesday off as I won a prize to be a zoo keeper for the day”

Boss: “Wow, that’s incredible – of course you can take the day off work. By the way, how did you win the prize?”

You: “Erm, I wrote a letter to them complaining about how boring this job is and what an ogre of a boss I have”

Boss: “Hmmm”

If you think you could survive such a conversation – the details are on the London Zoo website.

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